Our Clients

Mystical Moon: Where you can Discover the Joy of Being YOU!

The Mystical Moon has been serving Southwest Florida in Fort Myers and now with our new location in Bonita Springs since 2007. Laurie's hope for her clients is that “...everyone that walks through the door feels welcomed and loved and realizes that there is hope and support to help with life’s challenges.”

 Laurie wants to help others integrate the fact that we are very powerful beings with the ability to manifest anything we choose to in our lives. As far as she is concerned: The journey has just begun!


See what our clients are saying...

"Infinite Positive Blessings & Thank You's for the incredible time and help today Crystal, you are so familiar and so spot on without my telling of anything. I am very excited and lighthearted knowing what yes, my Soul already knew. You are all so beautiful. Namaste."

"Thanks to The Mystical Moon for having Ray Sette visit once again..as always he was informative with his insight and wisdom for Joe and I..and for all the wonderful magical supplies you always provide...feeling blessed and balanced."

"Laurie is the most gifted psychic that I personally have ever worked with. Her readings are very clear and thorough. Even when something is troubling me, I always feel uplifted, and leave with positive solutions in mind based on her very wise counsel. She has an amazing heart and truly cares about others. Beyond being so intuitive, she is also a very gifted healer and teacher. The space she has created at Mystical Moon is amazing!! It is a place that I feel at home in as soon as I enter. Laurie is committed to providing a variety of higher learning experiences and healing modalities. She encourages everyone to be their highest self and meet their grandest potential. She is an amazing woman and a true Warrior for the Light."
Blessings ~ Tami Smith

Dear Laurie,
I have found taking your Tarot Card Class over the last 2 years to be a wonderful growing experience. I'm not only learning the Tarot, I'm realizing my psychic talents and spiritual gifts. The time when we gather together to learn is a very special time for me to be among like minded people in our spiritual community. You are an extremely talented teacher, Laurie. One of the reasons this class is so special is because your approach to everyone around you is very graceful and kind. In your class, everyone is always welcomed in, and regarded with love and respect. I plan to be a student of the Tarot in your class for many years to come.
~ Josie Kunkle

"Laurie has an amazing gift she so lovingly as shared with myself and many of my family and friends. She as been reading my cards for about 2 years and her reading are always right on. She has given me the support to find my lifes path work. Always working from her heart and the light. I recommend her to everyone who is searching for who they are and why they are here. She sees the light in all and will help you to see it and be it too."
~ Bethanny Gonzalez

"I have been going to Laurie for several years now for readings. I find that her calm and reassuring message always confirms what I am already feeling, which enables me to focus on myself more clearly and the life choices I need to make. She clears my head of any self doubt and helps clear an emotional path for me to follow. She always makes my spirit happy! "
~ Carrie Naples, FL

"I have had several readings with Laurie and I am always amazed at how accurate she is."
~ Chrissy Fort Myers, FL

"After my reading with Laurie I was able to stop worrying and focus on just enjoying my life."
~ Hilary Fort Myers, FL

"I have had Laurie do several readings for me. I am always amazed at how she can read me so well. She foresaw me owning my own business and within several months it happened. She sees things in ourselves that we sometimes do not want to see or accept. She put it into words for us to process. She is amazing."
~ Denise

"It has been very rare in my lifetime, to find a person who truly understands me. The guidance, support, and healing Laurie has, unconditionally shown me, is my greatest treasure. She has inspired me to always look within and keep trusting. She has taught me to always know and believe that the universe wants me to embrace my dream. If it wasn't for Laurie's kindness and patience, I would have never found my true passion in life. She is a kindred spirit that everyone needs to experience."
~ Barbara Bell